Around the Corner is a city-building initiative that uses immersive media and interactive art installations to explore Canada’s diversity in a new way. By activating Canadian heritage sites with leading-edge immersive technologies and multicultural content, the initiative weaves together Canada’s past with its contemporary heritage and future.


Around the Corner has a dual theme, inviting audiences to explore the richness of cultural diversity that exists in “The City
of Neighbourhoods” while contemplating a not-so-distant future characterized by urban growth, global migration and questions of space, identity and decolonization.


In recognition of the United Nations Decade of People of African Descent, Around the Corner will feature several African cities in its first year.


Around the Corner is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and municipal strategies such as Toronto For All. Content is curated and designed in partnership with local and international artists and diaspora groups.


Toronto, Canada’s largest City, has the most residents born outside of Canada in the world, and is home to diverse indigenous communities, newcomers and settlers. While diversity is often considered an asset, it is a challenge to
imagine what reaching this potential might look like.

Active Cultural Exchange 



The "WHAT" 

Diversity is Toronto's asset. How do we use it to better our city and equip it for the challenges
of urban growth?

The "HOW"

Cultural exchange doesn't always happen "naturally". We need to be engaged in a memorable way to learn, empathize and be inspired. 

The "WHY"

Looking deeper into our shared pasts, presents and futures can help us build a model global city that addresses issues like reconciliation, access to space and environment.  

The initiative applies the power of immersive technology to facilitate active cultural exchange, while showcasing and unifying Canada’s diverse cultural communities.