Experience the beating heart of tomorrow's megacities. Immersive doc & installation taking you on a one-day journey through Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam


KARIAKOO is an immersive 360 documentary that takes you on a one-day journey through the historical, cultural and commercial heart of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Complemented by an interactive installation curated in partnership with Tanzanian diaspora, the experience combines digital and physical space for experiential learning. Facilitated workshops include business and impact investment opportunities, international development, as well as diversity and inclusion.


Creators, animators, musicians and researchers recognized for pushing boundaries in VR activation and storytelling across global creative networks.

“Coming from the international development sector, I had been complicit in putting out images that perpetuate a stereotype of Africans as rural and in need of western charity. I am excited for the potential for cultural exchange, economic opportunity and positive narratives that result from this project”

OLA MIRZOEVA - Executive Producer

Ola has worked with governments, leading non-governmental organizations and various industries in East Africa. While working with the High Commission of Canada to Tanzania as the Senior Commercial Officer, Ola lived in Kariakoo, the dynamic heart of Dar es Salaam, which inspired her to initiate the project.

“We chose VR as a medium because it is a frontier, and so are places like Kariakoo. Connected, cosmopolitan, and responsive to rapid urban growth. Experiential learning through VR can help advance the conversation. "

“The experience was co-created with Tanzanian artists and community leaders and features animation art, 2D representations in a 360 environment, and a musical soundscape. We are so grateful for our partners’ support in Tanzania and Canada!”


  • Founded January 2018

  • Accepted into Ryerson University’s Transmedia Zone

  • Award winner: Community Initiative (Transmedia Zone)

  • Grant winner: Ryerson University’s Social Venture Zone Start-Up Award

  • Production and partnership development in Tanzania (May 2018)

  • Completed 10-minute immersive documentary including animation and 360
    soundscape (Dec 2018)

  • Built immersive installation co-created with Tanzanian diaspora communities

  • Validated business model through Ryerson Legal Zone (Jan 2019)

  • Showcased with MaRs SVX social impact investors (April 2019)



KARIAKOO named Social Venture Zone Prize Winner

The Social Venture Prize was created by The Faculty of Arts to support its students working on community-based projects as well as students involved with social innovation projects throughout the Ryerson Zone Learning Network. Funded by the Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Ryerson University.



Using VR to show Africa we rarely see in the media: KARIAKOO Executive Producer Ola Mirzoeva on Zonecast.

Zonecast is a Canadian podcast interview series that features entrepreneurs, professionals and academics.



A Sunday in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam - Huffington Post

Take a walk through the bustling market district in Dar es Salaam through the eyes of our film's director, Ola Mirzoeva.



Contemporary Africas - Dr. Benjamin Kirby, KARIAKOO academic advisor presents at University of Leeds

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