Ola has worked in international development with leading, global non-profits including the Aga Khan Foundation and Care International in Eastern Europe and Africa. Subsequently, she joined the High Commission of Canada to Tanzania as the Senior Commercial Office and lived in the Kariakoo district.
The dynamic 'heart' of Dar es Salaam catalyzed her determination to shift the dominant rural media
image of Africa to explore urban themes through an immersive experience.

Executive Producer 

Ola Mirzoeva 

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Ina is a graphic designer by trade and a storyteller at heart. A local of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania her love
for design has always been inspired by a desire for social change. As co-founder of Khaya Collective, a
unit of creatives using visual culture to critique and challenge today's social landscape, Ina strives to bring important and perhaps unseen narratives to life.

Creative Director 

Ina Bharmal 

Hugo is an art director, event producer and photographer. His company, Event Masters, has worked with clients in Africa including TED Global, The World Travel Awards and Coca Cola. In 2018 he was part of the team that won the D&AD award for Best Ad of the Year.

Art Director 

Hugo Fernandes

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Sina is a Toronto-based multimedia artist with expertise in immersive media production. Sina holds a master's in media production from Ryerson University and co-founded the Toronto New Wave festival, which features short film, live music and immersive media (VR, AR) festival for emerging artists in the Greater Toronto Area.

Video Production 

Sina Dolati 


James is a documentarian focused on introducing the audience to new perspectives within the ever-changing urban environment and strives to allow people to reflect on preconceived notions of status
and place. His previous short documentaries have covered topics such as immigration, housing, transit, heritage, and education. As I continue to grow my practice, I look forward to discovering new methods
of storytelling such as 360 Video, Installation Art, Interactive Applications, and Virtual Reality.


James Malekzadeh

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Haruna grew up in the Kariakoo neighbourhood, which is also where his family business is located to
this day. He is a project manager with a professional background in sales, marketing and customer service management. Haruna holds a Project Management Certificate from Centennial College and a Bachelor
of Economics from the University of Dar es Salaam.

Project Manager

Haruna Mwapinga

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Wilson is a multimedia producer, with experience working with organizations such as Westbank, Ryerson, TEDxToronto, and Reset. His focus has been to do the logistics and execution of multimedia experiences.
He has produced events ranging from conferences, to multi sensory artistic expressions, multi camera
live streams, and multi camera VR/360 video live streams. He is currently working on events for Behaviour marketing, Mosaic marketing, Canopy Growth and LNG Studios. Current installations include Funhouse Toronto, and on going events at Neighbourhood Studios and the Annex Hotel.

Technical Director 

Wilson Lin 


Brian is an audio engineer for TV, Film Video Games, VR and Radio. His production audio services include: sound design, dialogue recording, editing, and music composing. He has worked alongside some of the most prestigious directors and producers in the industry. 

Supervising Audio Engineer

Brian Bernard 


Ben is a British Academy postdoctoral fellow and public affairs consultant specializing in ethno-graphic research in African cities. The Kariakoo ward was the focus of his award-funded 2017 PhD thesis.


Benjamin Kirby 

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Joanne seeks to challenge the standard of documentary narratives through experimenting with new forms. She has exec-produced the 360 dome film and VR/educational programme SESQUI for Canada's 150 celebration, which has delighted audiences in Canada and globally. She is an industry mentor at Ryerson's TransMedia Zone and a board member for Interactive Ontario.

Production Advisor 

Joanne Loton